Enclosures / HGS Series

The HGS Series

 our most secure GuardShack yet!


The HGS Series is constructed with strong schedule 40 steel pipe, and expanded metal.  They come standard with our integrated Lock Shield Bracket to protect from bolt cutters.  Stainless steel hardware is also standard.


All mounting points are internal and can not be accessed unless the cage is opened.  To deter prying there is only a 3/8” gap between the pad and enclosure.


Our body with gate design allows full use of the HGS’s internal dimensions, eliminating any clearance issues, often allowing a smaller enclosure to be used.  Another advantage to this exceptional design is the need for only one lock.


The HGS is available in three sizes. It can cover over four dozen types and sizes of backflows as well as other valuable devices.


For maximum security and quick easy installation, use the optional enclosure setter (shown above).


…..and now with the new GuardShack alarm system, you have the best and most secure enclosures on the market.




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Additional accessories sold separately

Model Internal Dimensions Contractor List Price EncPad Frost Guard Lock Shield Bracket Locks Required
ES-1 Setter for use with HGS-1 $0.00 n/a n/a 0
ES-2 Setter for use with HGS-2 $0.00 n/a n/a 0
ES-3 Setter for use with HGS-3 $0.00 n/a n/a 0
HGS-1 10"W x 24"H x 22"L $0.00 n/a FG-1 1
HGS-2 10"W x 24"H x 30"L $0.00 n/a FG-2 1
HGS-3 10"W x 24"H x 40"L $0.00 n/a FG-3 1