Enclosures / S.S. Hinged


The Safe, Beautiful Way To Protect Most 1 ½” – 2” Backflow Assemblies. Our 304 Stainless Steel hinged models are perfect for lasting durability and lower maintenance costs, especially in Coastal or High Humidity areas.

Our 304 Stainless Steel enclosures are additionally sandblasted to remove burrs and are electopolished for the best rust resistant protection, and come with a 8 year warranty.  

*All items sold separately

**General Specification, Sizing, and Clearance charts available in CAD details              

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Additional accessories sold separately

Model Internal Dimensions Contractor List Price EncPad Frost Guard Lock Shield Bracket Locks Required
CGS-3 10"W x 24"H x 40"L $1400.00 EP-3 FG-3 1
CGS-4 16"W x 30"H x 46"L $1950.00 n/a FG-4 1